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Frances Gail Stewart


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Frances Gail Stewart, age 79, passed away Sunday, January 13th, 2019 in West Houston.

Preceded in death by her daughter Bobbi Cashman, she is survived by her son Victor Cashman. Additional family members include her beloved grandchildren, Seth, Victoria, Nick, and Christian. Enjoyment of her later years was enhanced by the loving support of her caregiver Mary Ann.

Originally from Iowa, Gail relocated to Galveston and was a proud, long-time employee of UTMB. Upon retirement, she lived in various Texas municipalities, before settling in Houston for the past 15+ years. Gail never forgot her Galveston roots and adored the island, its beaches, and her many friends at St. John’s Lutheran Church on 39th street.

In following Gail’s wishes, there will be a cremation with no viewing or service scheduled.